Lecroy SDA5000A, 4 ch; 5 ghz serial data analyzer


Subject: Lecroy SDA5000A, 4 ch; 5 ghz serial data analyzer
Condition: Used from our rental pool
LeCroy SDA5000A, 4 Ch; 5 GHz Serial Data Analyzer
LECSDA5000A-ASDA 5GHz Serial Data Analyzer with Serial Trigger.
4 Ch; 5 GHz Serial Data Analyzer; 10 GS/s; 4 Mpts/Ch; 20 GS/s, 8 Mpts/Ch for 2 or 1 Ch
ASDA = Advanced Serial Data Analysis Software. (enabled by keycode)
* Mainframe only. Used from our rental pool. Rented once for six months.
25 MHz; 250 MHz: 1 GHz; 3 Ghz; 4 GHz
8 bits; up to 11 bits with enhanced resolution (ERES)
2 mV - 1 V/div fully variable; Full bandwidth at >= 10 mV/div
2 mV-194 mV/div: ±750 mV; 195 mV - 1 V/div: ±4 V
Interval timebase common to 4 input channels; an external clock may be applied at the Auxiliary Input
<=0.06/SR + (1 ppm x Reading)(RMS)
Sample Rate+Delay Time Accuracy
30 MHz - 2 GHz/ 50 Ω impedance applied at the auxiliary input
Trigger and Interpolator Jitter
1 Operators Manual CDROM 901312-01
1 Lecroy Timing Tool Demo CDROM
1 Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse
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