Lecroy LW410 arbitrarywaveformgenerator 400MS/s. 100MHZ


Subject: Lecroy LW410 arbitrarywaveformgenerator 400MS/s. 100MHZ
LECROY LW410, single channel arbitrary waveform generator. 400MS/s. 1Hz resolution with frequency capabilities of 100MHz sinewaves, 50 MHz squarewaves, 25 MHz triangle and ramps and arbitrary functions can be created on an internal CRT.
The LeCroy LW410 makes it easy to create and edit waveforms. iT combines complete on board word proccessor like cut, copy and paste, waveform editing with live waveform feature manipulation and waveform generation.
1. 100 psec feature placement resolution
2. 400 MS/s maximum sample clock for each channel
LW400 series sample clock rate is selectable within five decade ranges.
LW400A and the LW400B series sample clock is continuosly variable from 6 KHz to 400 MHz with a 1 Hz resolution
5. Fast Switch Group Sequence mode switches waveforms in < 11 ms minimizing test execution time.
7. Live update of waveform output
8. Stand alone design, no PC required
9. Waveform Data formats for Spreadsheets, PSpice,
MathCad, MatLab, ASCII, and others
10. Up to 1 megabyte of playback memory (256 k standard)
11. Hard Disk of >400 Mbyte standard
12. 3.5la DOS compatible floppy disk for waveforms, sequence, equators, and projects, file transfer and storage
14. SCPI compatible command set
15. Centronics hard copy interfaces
16. Internal Asynchronous noise source.
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