Lateral rotation therapy system"OSC1000"


Subject: Lateral rotation therapy system"OSC1000"
* Lateral Rotation Therapy Continuous lateral rotation, (Up to 40 degrees), mobilizes pulmonary secretions to prevent consolidation of fluids, atelectasis and pneumonia.
* Low Air Loss Therapy Prevents maceration of skin tissue by transference of moisture and heat away from patient to prevent breakdown.
* Skin Interface Pressure Relief Air surface allows weight distribution over a larger support surface while peristaltic wave therapy achieves pressure relief.
* Prevents Shear And Friction Patented Dartex coverlet with two-way stretchability prevents horizontal and vertical patient migration.
* Full Mattress Replacement Completely replaces standard size mattresses.
* Moisture Vapor Permeability Allows transfer of heat and moisture vapor away from patients skin to prevent maceration
* Transportability Without Battery One way valve air connection allow patient to be transferred with the air support surface intact maintaining pressure reduction in pacu.
* Automatic Centering Allows interruption of turning cycle for procedures such as wound care and x-rays.
* Rapid CPR Deflate Allows CPR within seconds of event occurrence.
* Machine Washable Mattress Allows for easy cleaning in between patients.