Laserpeel 3G nd/yag


Subject: Laserpeel 3G nd/yag
As the effects of aging and the environment become evident on the skin, the desire to reduce these effects becomes popular. There are different systems on the market to address this need. Skin ablation has historically provided the most dramatic result. Lasers have been used for several years to help reverse these signs, however, they tend to require weeks and even months of recovery time. Patients today seek skin rejuvenation with less downtime. As an alternative to more invasive ablation, LaserPeel 3G was developed as an advanced laser skin ablation system that delivers precise, soft, ablative results for resurfacing with significantly less downtime.
Traditional ER: Yag lasers have become popular because of their unique ability to precisely peel thin layers of the skin with shorter recovery times. Today’s technology is moving away from higher powered ER: Yag lasers to an ER: Yag which is less invasive in manner with a relatively large spot size, allowing physicians to deliver laser procedures with no trauma or downtime. The results are impressive and the recovery time has been referred to as "lunch time peels" enabling the patients to receive these treatments over their lunch hour and return to work.
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