Laser raman spectrometer spectrum fluorescence measure


Subject: Laser raman spectrometer spectrum fluorescence measure
Universal (TOP2048) programmer
LIRA-300 Laser Raman Spectrometer is used for Raman spectrum and
fluorescence measurements in physics and chemistry labs of research
institutes, universities and colleges. It is an important analytical and
research tool and offers a powerful non-destructive method of sample analysis.
. Computer interfaced, automatic recording
. High resolution and low stray light
. Single-photon counter detector with high sensitivity and low noise
. High stable external optical path
. Various accessories for analysis of liquid and solidsamples
Figure 1 Raman spectrum of CCl4 with Figure 2 Raman spectrum of natural
Reciprocal of Linear Dispersion
1200 lines/mm, blazed wavelength at 500 nm
0~2 mm, continuously adjustable
0~2.6V, 1~256 Block (10mV/Block)
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