Large sephra 34" commercial chocolate fondue fountain


Subject: Large sephra 34" commercial chocolate fondue fountain
34" SEPHRA Montezuma commercial chocolate fountain
SEPHRA 34" commercial chocolate fountain
Attention! Now on SALE for $ 2699 ! That's $ 500 off the regular retail price!
Removable, dishwasher-safe basin!
New design requires and wastes less chocolate , wich saves you money!
No tools or extra parts needed.
Sets up and cleans up IN SECONDS with SEPHRA's patented Quickset tier system
Powerfull WhisperQuiet Motor - Direct drive, no belts!
Ultra light and wide custom heating element! Melts chocolate in the fountain quickly and evenly.
SEPHRA proudly offers the only limited lifitime warranty in the chocolate fountain industry
Unlike many other chocolate fountain manufacturers, Sephra Fountains is dedicated to improving the quality and features of the chocolate fountains, and is proud to be the standard that other fountain manufacturers are trying to match. They have several patent pending improvements and all their fountains are backed by the only Limited Lifetime Warranty in the industry! No one can match the quality of the Sephra Chocolate Fondue Fountains, and SEPHRA is proud to be the industry leader in the innovation of the chocolate fountains.
34" Inches Tall - over three vertical feet of dipping area!
Food Grade Solid Stainless Steel Construction
Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
Tier Placement Grooves in Cylinder requires no leveling and no tools!
Three precision machined tiers
Stainless Steel Auger with patent pending Carry Knob & One-Piece Blade
The upper tier unit and auger disassembles and basin removes for easy cleaning.
Wider Diameter Basin prevents messy drips
Custom Dual Coil Aluminum Encased Heating Element
110v- 1/6 HP Custom Fan Cooled Direct Drive Motor
Chocolate Fountains are not only great tasting fun desserts, they are fantastic revenue generators. There are literally thousands of food service professionals today utilizing chocolate fountains for the prime objective of making more money! Sephra Fountains' growing popularity has caused the fountains to be a must have among off-premise caterers, hotels, reception halls, event planners, and rental companies. Don't be caught having to turn away business based upon the lack of an absolute necessity, the Sephra Chocolate Fountain.
Q2. Is the Fountain difficult to assemble?
Assembly is very easy. It takes less than one minute. No tools required.
Q3. Is the Fountain difficult to clean?
Not at all. Once your event has concluded, simply use a rubber spatula to remove the chocolate on the fountain cylinder and tiers. The chocolate can then be scooped or poured into a separate container. Paper towels or a damp cloth can then be used to wipe the fountain relatively clean. Once the majority of the chocolate is removed, you can place the individual parts (except the basin) of the fountain into a dishwasher to be cleaned (Caution! Never place the fountain basin in water! This will cause permanent damage to the electrical components.)
Q4. Can I use any chocolate in the Sephra™ Fountains?
For complete satisfaction, we highly recommend the use of Sephra™ Premium Fondue Chocolate, specially formulated and ready to use in the fountain by simply pre-melting the chocolate in a microwave on HALF-power as instructed on our chocolate bags. It requires no messy mixing of extra oil into the chocolate; saving you time, money and producing the perfect chocolate fondue every time.
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