Large air handling fan ~40 square foot inlet--5HP 9' wi


Subject: Large air handling fan ~40 square foot inlet--5HP 9' wi
The large fan assembly was used for moving air through the heating and air conditioning system of an office area. It is a relatively large volume, low velocity unit to minimize noise.
This unit does not include a belt guard as it was mounted from the ceiling where people access was not a safety issue.
The flex coupling frame shown below is included and mates to the fan outlet shown above. The outlet is something a bit under 30 inches square.
A Westinghouse DRI-VAR Motor Mate Capacitor is included.
Inlet dimensions are about 113 inches by 37 inches.
blower dimensions are about 31 by 29.
The inlet on each side is about 20 inches.
Raw weight is about 1150 pounds.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your serious low velocity air moving fan application.
Condition looks good used. We removed it from a factory that closed. It was running when we first saw it.
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