Lam research lrc ontrak dss-200 cmp


Subject: Lam research lrc ontrak dss-200 cmp
I have for sale 1ea Lam Research Ontrak Systems DSS-200 CMP Cleaner
Item is in excellent condition.
LRC CMP Cleaner #DSS-200 SERIES 0, Ontrack systems double sided wafer cleaner;
Single Track System, left-to-right wafer flow; GESPAC Computer System;
PRI Automation Package (EMPAK Input);
Controlled-loop Feedback @ Brush & Roller Motor Drive; Direct-drive Brush Motor Assembly ;
Dual Sensors at Input Station (Send Indexer); Upgraded Carriage Assembly;
Upgraded Gripper Wash Assembly;
Upgraded Stepper Motor at Output Station;
Spin-to-Receiver Station Robotics Transfer; stand-Alone Water Queue Assembly;
Teflon Metering-flow Control Valves;
Top & Bottom Entry and Exit Sprays;
Wet Spray Send Indexer Station w/high-capacity Teflon Flow* Meter valve; Upgraded Rollers in Brush Stations, Nest Bumpers in Spin* Station, and Finger Flags in Robot; Spin Station Heat Lamp; Facilities Through The Floor; Electrical Enclosure, System End Panel; 120 Volts, 1-phase, 60 Hz. Power Connection; Ammonia Double Containment; Ammonia Drip System (QTY. 2); Automatic D. I. Water Drip-flow Valves; 100% Teflon D. I. Water Lines and Solenoids; Liquid Leak Detector (H20, NH4OH); Ergonomic Loader; Stainless Steel Panels