Lab-line 460NS water jacketed automatic CO2 incubator


Subject: Lab-line 460NS water jacketed automatic CO2 incubator
This listing is for a LabLine / Barnstead water jacketed auto CO2 incubator.
* Temp Range Ambient +5 to 60°C
* Temp Stability: ±0.1°C
* Temp Uniformity: ±0.25°C
* Chamber Capacity: single chamber 6.2 cu.ft.
* Inner Dims 21" Wide x 21" Depth x 19" High
* Outer Dims 27" Wide x 24" Depth x 34" High
* Retails for approximately $10500.
* Exclusive SMARTGAS® system for accurate CO2 control
* Security password protection of set points
* Water-jacket system for optimum thermal protection
* Easy to read LED display scans between actual temperature and % CO2 level.
* Temperature adjustable heated door keeps inner glass door free of condensation for improved viewing of cultures.
* Keypad programming for fast, easy adjustment of parameters.
* Corrosion-resistant polished stainless steel chamber.
* Dual chamber models come with separate, independent control systems.
* Built-in RS232 port for output of temperature and CO2 data.
* Accessory HEPA filter (99.97% efficient at 0.5 microns) can be easily installed to ensure aseptic cell culture.
* Shelves and supports can be removed and reinstalled without tools for complete decontamination and easier cleaning.
* Microprocessor temperature control – from slightly above ambient to 60°C with thermal conductivity sensor; slightly above ambient to 55°C with infrared sensor – with ±0.1°C control, ±0.25°C uniformity.
* CO2 concentration from 0-20% with ±0.1% control.
* Audible and visual alarms indicate temperature deviations of ±1°C or more, CO2 concentration deviations of 1% or greater, or when incubator door has been left open for more than five minutes.
* Independent hydraulic high limit thermostat protects cultures in case of microprocessor system failure.
* CO2 recovery time to 5% CO2 (98% of set value) after 30 second door opening at 37°C is seven minutes.
This is used, but in excellent condition.
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