Kv automation 2X oil-free air compressor pressure boost


Subject: Kv automation 2X oil-free air compressor pressure boost
NEW KV Automation Systems Dual Oil-Free Compressed Air Pressure Booster Compressor.
There are two air driven air compressors mounted to this small tank. There are three functions we see served by this system.
1) It can provide clean oil-free compressed air from a dirty air source.
2) It can boost the pressure of incoming air by as much as 2X in situations where you can't run a engine or motor driven compressor.
3) You can be assured a given local air pressure even though the house input pressure varies widely and lower than the minimum acceptable value.
The maximum output pressure is a 2x function of the input pressure. Feed it 75 psi and get 150 out. Each pump unit has its own input pressure regulator so you can have two different boost pressures. The way the unit is currently plumbed, only one pump is active at a time.
The following link is the company website but we did not find information on this product.
In our testing of this unit, it seemed to be very efficient. We had to quickly turn off the input air as the output pressure rapidly headed toward exceeding the 150 psi limit of the output gauge. It looks like this unit can take a maximum input pressure of about 150 psi and put out a maximum of 230 psi, even though the gauges don't go that high (there are a total of 5 pressure gauges).
The black handle in the image above and below selects which pump/output pressure will operate.
The red filter units are on the tank pressure outlet.
The digital readout shown below is on one of the pumps. It appears to be a stroke rate reading. It must be battery powered as it is always on.
The image below shows the very substantial exhaust muffler on each pump.
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