Kuka kr 125/3 with kr C2 control year 2002


Subject: Kuka kr 125/3 with kr C2 control year 2002
KUKA ROBOTS / KUKA KR150 L150 with KRC2 control year 2002
This state of the art robot is suitable for all point to point and continuous-path
controlled tasks. The main areas of application are
- application of adhesives, sealants and preservatives
Accuracy in repetition: +- 0,2 mm
The KR C robot controller makes programming easier with its Microsoft Windows interface. It is expandable, can be integrated into networks via a bus, and contains ready-made software packages – all factors which point the way to the industrial automation of the future.
-Open, network-capable PC technology
-2 free slots for external axes
-DeviceNet and Ethernet slots for common bus systems (e.g. INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet) provided as standard
-Motion profile function for optimal interaction between the individual robot motors and their velocity
-Floppy disk and CD-ROM drives for data backup
-Facilities such as remote diagnosis via the Internet
-Simple operation and programming via KUKA Control Panel (KCP) with Windows user interface
-Ergonomic KUKA Control Panel (KCP)