Kubota gl 6500S generator


Subject: Kubota gl 6500S generator
Kubota Diesel Engine Generator
Quiet, Low Body Design - Maximum Output: 6.5 kVA (50/60 Hz)
Innovative design filled with possibilities
The 2-pole, silent-type “LOWBOY” is a single-phase AC generator with a low-body design. The compact design provides it with greater operational range, while the large-capacity fuel tank and its exceptional fuel efficiency ensure longer periods of continuous operation.
The unique arrangement of the radiator, the diesel engine, the generator, and the fuel tank enabled a body that is both lower and more compact than comparable generators in its class. As less space is required for operation, the range of possible applications is greatly increased.
Kubota's attention to detail results in greater reliability and increased durability. All main parts that are subject to stress and wear, such as the crankcase and crankshaft, long-life cog belt by which the engine drives the generator, have been strengthened and rigidified. In addition, a liquid-cooling system is used to eliminate the worries of overheating.
Prompt Response to Load Fluctuations
To ensure more stable operation, a high performance governor provides prompt response to load fluctuations.
Kubota's manufacturing precision minimises vibration for smoother engine operation. The extra large muffler, idling control switch and the specially developed insulating liner, installed on the inner surface of the enclosure, further reduce the total vibration and noise levels.
Combination of a large-capacity fuel tank and the engine's superb fuel efficiency ensures longer hours of continuous operation.
Large swing up side panel enables quick and easy engine inspection and maintenance.
Rotating field single-phase AC generator
Horizontal type water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine
API service class CC or CD, 10W30
Pressurised radiator, forced circulation with water pump
Sound Level during Rated Output (at 7m)
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
- Hour Meter (50Hz model only)
- Monitor Gauges: Oil Pressure, Battery Charge and Water Temperature