Kubota diesel generator - kj-S130D


Subject: Kubota diesel generator - kj-S130D
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KJ-S130D – Quiet and Heavy-Duty Power Generation
Kubota's untiring quest for quality led to the development of a new line of heavy-duty 4-pole generators, the KJ Series. The power source is Kubota's own Super 03 Series diesel engines with emission levels far below the set standard according to more efficient, and much longer service life anywhere you need fast, safe and economical electrical power. Every generator in this series is designed, assembled, and tested to guarantee maximum performance and compatibility. KJ Series' alternator and the engine production plants have been approved and awarded ISO 9002 certification by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). When the label reads Kubota, quality is assured.
* Brushless Alternator - This brushless, self-excitation type alternator is designed to be used in a wide variety of difficult starting conditions. Its Load Acceptance Module (LAM), enables the engine to accept larger load impacts and to regain its rated speed more quickly. Its convertible (50 Hz) electronic regulator is powered independently from the voltage detection circuit; therefore regulation is not affected by distortions generated by the load.
* Transistor Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) - All KJ Series generators are equipped with a transistor AVR to regulate a stable flow of current. In addition, any local condition can be matched by using the voltage adjustment.
* Reduced Sound and Vibration - Kubota's low noise design features quieter engines with the TVCS combustion system, as well as sound attenuated enclosures which effectively reduce all sound levels. Integral vibrations has also been reduced by adding rubber isolating pads in critical areas.
* Automatic Shutdown Mechanism - Should any abnormality occur in oil pressure or water temperature, this mechanism automatically stops the engine before it can be damaged.
* Emergency Unit - Kubota gathered the emergency relay, timer relay, and safety relay into one unit to save space, simplify the wiring scheme, and to improve protection against water, dust, and vibration. An external key switch is part of the standard control system for KJ generators. In addition, a manual engine shutdown lever is available as an emergency backup.
Protective Design - All rotating parts of the generator have been enclosed in a sturdy Ease of Operation and Portability
* Convenient Front Panel Control - All switches and lamps are conveniently located in the centre of the front panel for maximum accessibility.
* Transportability Enhanced by Twin Point Lifting Eye - Twin point lifting eye makes it easy to transport all KJ Series generators.
* Ease of Access - Oil, fuel, water, and filters are all located on one side for easy maintenance.
* Automatic Air Bleeding - Air bubbles which can rob the engine of its power are automatically removed from the fuel line.
* Easy-to-Mount and Remove Battery Pack - The battery pack, located in the rear of the generator, can be easily removed through the back panel.
Cleaner, Quieter, and More Reliable Super 03 Series Diesel Engines
* Kubota's original TVCS combustion system improved air/fuel mixture, resulting in cleaner engine emissions which comply with US CARB ULGE regulations.
* Sound levels during load and no-load operations are kept to a minimum with Kubota's world renowned diesel engine development technology and the superb TVCS combustion system.
* Sturdy built Super 03 Series engines promise great reliability and long service life with advantages to meet most any application.
* In addition, the Super 03 Series is also designed against asbestos pollution.
* cabinet for maximum operator safety.
Revolving Field, self-excited brushless AC generator
Vertical, Water-colled, 4-cycle Diesel Engine
Total Displacement [cu.in(cc)]
API service Class CC or CD 10W30
In Case of Abnormal Oil pressure or Water temperature
API service class CD or higher
Door, Fuel Cap, Control protection panel and radiator cap are lockable
Noise Level at 23ft.(7m) [dB9A)]
*Injury can occur: Do not connect generator to an electrical system unless an isolation switch
has been installed otherwise injury can occur.
*The company reserves the right to change specifications without notice to incorporate technological
advances and engineering modifications.
*Thermostat kit is required for operation below - 10 degrees Celsius.