Kubota diesel generator - SQ3170


Subject: Kubota diesel generator - SQ3170
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SQ-3170 – The Silent Partner that Goes Where You Go
Kubota introduces a new line of low noise heavy-duty 4-pole diesel generators, the SQ Series.
Base Mounted Fuel Tank – The SQ series is equipped with large capacity bottom mounted fuel tanks to prevent fuel spills inside the enclosure. The locking fuel cap is placed to avoid damage and simplify refueling
The advanced design and superior engineering minimizes both space and weight. Transportability is improved with slots on each side of the machine for safe forklift truck transportation. Four Tie down points and sturdy lifting eyes further enhance hoisting and transportation.
Everytime the engine key is turned ON, air is automatically purged from the fuel system.
Shields instrument panel from the elements and permits observation of all key functions without opening the door.
For standby applications, wiring and space have been provided as standard equipment.
The fully covered load center houses all the outlets, compression terminals and circuit breakers. To prevent inadvertent contact with the terminals, the receptacles are divided in a separate section. GFCI receptacles are standard equipment to further enhance operator safety.
Safety door interlocks automatically shut down the engine if the load center doors are opened during operation. For safe, unattended operation, even the maintenance doors are equipped with safety interlocks.
Revolving Field, self-excited brushless AC generator
Class H +1.5 (No load to full load)
API service class CD or higher
65.9 x 30.7 x 38.2 (1675 x 780 x 970)
In case of abnormal:Oil pressure,
water temperature, or When the
access terminal cover is opened