Kollmorgan servostar drive se 55000


Subject: Kollmorgan servostar drive se 55000
Kollmorgan SERVOSTAR Drive SE 55000
This is a refurbished unit that has been tested and comes with a 1 year warranty.
* Advance sinewave commutation technology provides smooth, precise low-speed control and high performance.
* Accurate torque control due to precision balanced current loops with closed loop sensors
* Velocity loop bandwidths to 400 Hz
* Patented torque angle control that enhances motor performance
* Fully digital control loops
* Compact and attractive rugged metal package for space-saving, modern appearance-metal package minimizes electrical noise emission and susceptibility
* Pole Placement, PI, and PDFF control options
* Command modes: Torque (analog or serial); Velocity (analog or serial); Position (analog, serial, stored or pulse)
* Seven current ratings: 3, 6, 10, 20, 30, 55, and 85 amps RMS/phase continuous
* 2 to 1 peak/continuous current rating
* Built in encoder equivalent output which can eliminate the need for an additional position feedback device
* RS-232 or RS-485 Communication
* Unique multi-drop configuration allows a PC or PLC to communicate to multiple SERVOSTAR amplifiers via single RS-232 connection
* SERVOSTAR's versatile communication capabilities make it easy to integrate machine control data directly from the factory floor to your information system
* Analog +10 V, pulse/direction, master encoder, serial port command options