Kodak M35A x-omat film processor, x-ray


Subject: Kodak M35A x-omat film processor, x-ray
Kodak M35A X-OMAT Film Processor
Easy installation and useCompact sizeAutomatic standby mode saves energy and wear Warm-air drying means optimum film-surface quality The Kodak M35A X-OMAT Processor is recommended for automated processing of Kodak Autoradiography Films. The M35A Processor combines excellent performance with the convenience of a tabletop unit, and offers a dry-to-dry processing time of three minutes. The processor is specifically designed for low-volume processing requirements such as those found in Life Science applications. The small, multi-speed M35A Processor is reliable and easy to install and use. Consistent replenishment rates, constant temperature control, continuous agitation, and repeatable processing cycle times produce consistent quality radiographs. The automatic standby mode in the M35A Processor turns off the drive, the dryer blower, and the dryer heater when the system is not in use. The touch of a button restores the processor to full operation. This standby mode, plus the use of ambient-temperature wash water saves energy and wear on the components.
Pulled from a working environment. This unit is in good physical condition, normal scratches from use (see pictures). Unit powers on and seems to function fine, but due to the nature of the equipment we are unable to fully test it and all observations are for informational purposes only - so it is being offered AS-IS. Please feel free to email with any questions. No consumables included.
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