Kip starprint 5000 printer


Subject: Kip starprint 5000 printer
The 3 roll, KIP Starprint 5000 provides high production CAD and Reprographic printing at 9 “D” size/min. or 4.8 inches/sec. The KIP Starprint 5000 is one component of a modular system that offers true 400 DPI resolution with true upgradeability to a Starprint 5000 Copier/Printer or Starprint 5000 Copier/Printer/Scan-to-File system. The Starprint 5000 is capable of printing 8.5” X 11” to 36” X 50’ with ability to maintain a printing speed of 9 “D” size per minute. The Starprint 5000 accepts input from networked CAD and PC Workstations, raster viewers, EDM systems, and on/off line storage facilities. The Starprint 5000 uses a high powered embedded Windows NT controller that is simple to connect to Ethernet networks and powerful enough for large print queues.
* Plotting Speed 4.8 inches per second, 24 ft/min or 9 “D” size prints/min.
* Line Widths – 1 pixel to .250” (.004 to .250) utilizing 32 levels of Grayscale patterns
* Unlimited Custom Media Types including Bond, Vellum and Film
* Resolution of 100 to 400 DPI
* Auto Roll Size Detection with Auto Roll Switching
* Print up to 999 images in up to 999 collated sets, standard stacker holds up to 60 “E” size image+A56
* Two-way Status Feedback to all Powerprint Software and AutoCAD Drivers.