Kikinda hydraulic surface grinder 12" x 40"


Subject: Kikinda hydraulic surface grinder 12" x 40"
12" x 40" KIKINDA Hydraulic Surface Grinder With Automatic Incremental Downfeed, Model URB 1000A, S/N 7461 (New 1986)
Maximum distance from centerline of spindle to top
Maximum cross travel of work table
Table speed range, longitudinal
Downfeed handwheel graduated in increments to
Fine downfeed adjustment in increments of
Automatic incremental downfeed rate
12" diameter x 2" wide x 5" bore
Hydraulically acuated longitudinal table travel with manual movement accomplished
by means of a handwheel engaging a pinion into a rack fixed to the table
Electromechanically actuated cross feed
Hardened and ground longitudinal and cross ways. One way on the cross feed ways
is flat with the other being a "V" way. The longitudinal ways are both flat. Both sets
of way hold caged ball bearings to give accurate and effortless movement.
Wheelslide mounted in anti-friction needle bearings mounted in bearing cages
Electromechanically actuated incremental downfeed of grinding wheelhead
Automatic grinding cycle providing for coarse downfeed to the wheel followed by
a fine downfeed and wheel sparkout. Wheelhead return at the end of the grinding
cycle is operator controlled.
Automatic downfeed actuated at either end of the hydraulic feed or at the end of
Motorized power rapid traverse to grinding wheelhead
Over-the-wheel manaul dressing attachment with automatic compensation
12" x 40" Electromagnetic chuck with control
External coolant pump and tank with magnetic separator
146" L-R x 57" F-B x 96-1/2" High
(F.O.B. Truck, Wilmington, DE)