Keytek minizap esd simulator mz-15/ec


Subject: Keytek minizap esd simulator mz-15/ec
This is a KeyTek MiniZAP ESD Simulator MZ-15/EC - please check actual pictures below for closer look: unit appears to be in good working condition, I've charged it a bit, shows it's ready to hit some power out, but I lack experience to play with it properly, so in order not to injure someone, decided to quit experiments, besides it's asking me to attach ground. I didn't verify how long the batteries hold either. Unit will have an AC adapter, no discharge tip, please contact me for any questions you may have and thanks for your attention!
The KeyTek MiniZap® ESD simulator meets mandatory requirements for company-wide ESD test programs:
• High performance in a rugged hand-held unit for the manufacturing floor and the field as well as the lab
• Safely & easily generates reliable real world, repeatable & correlatable ESD simulation pulses
• Direct contact mode & air discharge testing, plus coupling planes for indirect ESD tests
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