Kewanee scotch boiler


Subject: Kewanee scotch boiler
A.Three-Pass Scotch Design with full water cooled rear cylindrical combustion chamber andf two passes of 2" firetubeswith separate tube sheets.
C. Gas Tight Construction for Pressurized Firing.
D. Hinged front flue doors lined with insulationg refractory, sealed with gasket.
E. Split Rear Flue Access Doors with Sealed Gasket.
F. 16" dia. Access opening with observation port. G. Lifting Loops.
H 22Guage Steel Jacket, 2" fully insulated.
Kewanee Burner Model #: KFP 5.0-1162-G
Forced Draft Multiple Jet Gas: (Natural)
Power Supply: 208VAC, 60HZ, 3 phase
Controls: 115VAC, 60HZ, 1 phase
Flame Safeguard: Honeywell RM7800L
6" alarm bell, QS7850A Network Interface, Square "D" Motor Starter, Window in control panel for viewing of safeguard (2) extra alarm functions (3 extra relays) so that the alarm bell will rign on "Low Water", "Main Failure" & "Pilot Failure" (3) Extra lights for "Pilot Failure", "Power On" & "Call for Heat"
Construction: Welded , ASME BPV Code, Section IV
Maxmimum allowable working pressure(steam): 15 PSIG
Hydrostatic test Pressure: 60 PSIG
Ratings: Horsepower: 150 BHP, MBH Output: 5,021, Steam (from & o 212degrees F) 5175 lbs, Steam (Gross Output) 20,295 sq. ft.
Fire Rating Gas (1000 BTU/CF): 6,278 MBH
Heating Surface (fireside): 750 sq ft.
Flooded weight: 16,793lbs ( aproximate)
Exterior Dimensions: 86.7" tall x 173.9" long x 76.6" wide (aproximate)