Kelly 3 point mounted backhoe, 12" bucket, digs 12'-6"


Subject: Kelly 3 point mounted backhoe, 12" bucket, digs 12'-6"
Brand New Kelly Series 70 (Model B70), Cat 2 or 3, 3-Point Mounted Backhoe.
* Recommended for Tractors with 50 to 150HP.
* Price includes a 12" wide Bucket!!!
* Kelly Backhoes offer the deepest digging depths and the Greatest Digging Force - See Table below.
* Kelly Backhoes are Powerfull, Rugged, Well Made, Commercial Duty 3-Point Mounted Backhoes, and we are Glad to make them available at UnBeatable Prices!!!
Plus, we are glad to say, Kelly products are Made in the USA!!!
* Model 70 is the Deeeeepest, and most Powerful 3 Point Backhoe available!
* Specifications are as follows;
* 12'- 6" Maximum Digging Depth!!!!!!!
* 12'- 0" Digging Depth with two foot flat bottom!!!!!!
* 14'- 6" Reach from Center Line of Swing Pivot!!!!!!
* 12,500lb's of Bucket Pryout Force.
* 3,300lb's Crowd Power end of Dipper Stick Force!
* 5,500lb's Bucket Roll Power at cutting lip.
* Backhoe Weighs 1729lb's, w/o the Bucket.
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