Keithley model 237 source measure unit


Subject: Keithley model 237 source measure unit
One newly refurbished and calibrated Keithley 237 Source Measure unit in excellent condition. Includes Source Measure unit, Applications Manual, Quick Reference, One triaxial cable, Power cord, and Calibration Certificate. The instrument was recently refurbished by Keithley as shown on the Calibration Certificate. Since then the instrument has been in storage. The Keithley 237 is a high voltage source-measure instrument. The instrument can source voltage, measure voltage, source current and measure current.
The source voltage can range as high as 1100 V with a current limit of 10 mA.
Current sensitivity is10fA, and 10 micro-volts measurement sensitivity.
Standard and custom sweep capability including pulse.
1000 source/measurements per second.
Four quadrant source operation.
The 237 also has a GPIB interface for remote programming and operation.
see the Keithley website for more information