Keithley 595 quasistatic c-v meter


Subject: Keithley 595 quasistatic c-v meter
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The Keithley Model 595 Quasistatic C-V Meter measures quasistatic capacitance versus voltage (C-V) characteristics of Metal Insulator Semiconductor (MIS) semiconductor devices. The C-V measurement technique used by the Model 595 provides diagnostics and correction for common sources of errors to increase confidence in test results.
Its current function serves as a sensitive picoammeter, directly measuring DC currents to 1fA. The built-in +/- 20V voltage source with DC, stair-case, and squarewave waveforms permits both current and quasistatic capacitance measurements to be made either at a single device bias or as a function of voltage. This measurement flexibility makes the Model 595 appropriate for characterization of many semiconductor materials and components.
Quasistatic C-V measurements in the Model 595 are made using the “feedback charge” technique. Use of this technique makes it easy to measure quasistatic C-V characteristics of devices that would be unsuitable for testing with the traditional ramp method and static or Q-V methods.
This unit has the following features:
* Measures quasistatic capacitance (10fF-20nF) and DC current (1fA-200µA)
* Correction of capacitance readings for background leakage currents
* Rapid assurance of device equilibrium
* Superior signal-to-noise performance, even with the slow voltage sweeps required by today's state-of-the-art devices
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