Keencut max + big bench 4.0M 160" sheet material cutter


Subject: Keencut max + big bench 4.0M 160" sheet material cutter
KeenCutMAX + big BENCH 4.0m - 160" Keencut’s extensive range of cutter bars offer a standard of straight, square and clean cutting that is impossible to achieve with a craft knife and straight edge. Whether used alone as a moveable unit, with the optional Lift & Hold mechanisms or in conjunction with the Keencut BIG bench these simple no-nonsense cutter bars offer an ingenious cutting solution that is safe for both product and people.
Where the requirement is to cut materials wider than 3m (120”) the inbuilt rigidity of the Max allows the cutter bar to span the output of all “super-wide” format printers
The stability of the BIG BENCH, with individual level adjustment on each leg, provides a firm and flat work surface to ensure extreme accuracy and the integral Lift and Hold mechanism enables the largest work to be aligned and trimmed singlehanded. The Cutter Bars can be lifted and stored safely on wall brackets if the table is needed for other tasks and re-installation is simple using the precise built in location devices, no tools are required.
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