Keencut excalibur 5000 - 48" sheet material cutter


Subject: Keencut excalibur 5000 - 48" sheet material cutter
KeenCutExcalibur 5000 - 48" Designed to cut all the sheet materials used in the modern picture framing industry, the Excalibur 5000 cuts vertically, providing the ultimate in space saving convenience. It cuts sheet materials easily, cleanly and accurately every time. The super-grip clamp holds even thick materials at any required angle and the clear rule along the cutting line allows easy alignment to artwork, lines or registration marks. The ingenious, indexed turret, mounted on sliding head , simply turns to lock any one of three cutting tools in its selected operating position, quickly, with no screws to loosen or tools to find. Everything is where it is needed when it is needed. A patented, twin wheel cutter is mounted on sliding head. This easily cuts hardboard, masonite, MDF and heavy backing boards in one pass, with minimum effort, no distortion and no dust. Excalibur 5000 will deliver accurate, fast cutting, with square, clean cuts to the correct size every time, whether for one off jobs or full production runs. Excalibur 5000 is so easy to use that even the most junior employee will master it in minutes. Wastage and errors will reduce as productivity increases, saving time and generating profit for any picture framer. Built to last for many years in continuous service, Excalibur 5000 embodies the highest standards of engineering excellence combined with outstanding value for money.
* Hardboard and MDF up to 3mm (0.12?) thick
* Scores glass up to 6mm (0.24?) thick
* Foamboard up to 13mm (0.50?) thick
* Honeycomb and corrugated plastics
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