Kaukauna universal radial drill on bed, model #140U


Subject: Kaukauna universal radial drill on bed, model #140U
KAUKAUNA Universal Radial Drill on Bed, Model #140U, S/N 182 (New in 1953)
Reach-center of spindle to center of column, spindle
Maximum/Minimum distance center of horizontal
Maximum/Minimum distance, nose of vertical spindle
Horizontal travel, column on runway
Vertical travel of head on column
Traverse of head and rail on rail slide
Hardened and replaceable bed ways
96" Extra column travel on bed
24" Extra vertical travel on column
Lifting ear on top of column cap for portable use
Electric clamping of column swivel
Power clamping to all movements
10 H.P. 3/60/220-440 volt, 1,740 R.P.M. spindle drive motor with electrical controls
Machine is wired for 3/60/440 operation.
(F.O.B. Truck, Wilmington, DE)