Kaltenbach circular cold saw


Subject: Kaltenbach circular cold saw
Saw seems to be in good working condition, does not include some of the factory backstops. Not shown is a roller support assembly for the right side of the machine. We were setting it up to do basic sawing operations but with the types of materials and the time it takes relative to a regular bandsaw operation it just makes it impractical for us. This machine is really designed for someone who wants to make precision miter cuts, like how a welder would cut tubing.
Saw also includes transformer. (see photos) Machine supply voltage is 440 VAC 3 Phase.
We are currently back-feeding the transformer in a step up process.
More images available upon request.
If you would like, you can come in and test out this item (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY). We will only have this set up for a short time because it must be removed and disconnected soon.