Kaiser military truck 1966 awd 6X6 - 58,034 miles


Subject: Kaiser military truck 1966 awd 6X6 - 58,034 miles
Kaiser Military Truck 1966 AWD 6x6 - 58,034 miles
This is a 1966 Kaiser Army truck. The serial # for this truck is 4K2172. The Mfg # is 0225-14888. It has only 58,034 miles and 423.5 hours. It has a white 1975 -6 cyl Diesel Engine with 140 hp. This is a 6x6, 2 1/2 ton truck. The empty weight of the truck is aprox. 13,530 lbs.
Model CA -D-54. Ft Winch Beaon 10,000 lbs 4X4. The vehicle is equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission. The truck's maximum speed is 56 mph. The passenger side windshield has broken glass and the driver side window will not come up. Tires are 9.00-20 and this truck runs off of a 12 volt system.
This Truck has a PA Title, is fully street legal and is in great running condition with extremely low miles for its year.
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