K&s 8020 automatic gold wire ball bonder bga k & s


Subject: K&s 8020 automatic gold wire ball bonder bga k & s
K&S 8020 high speed-automatic wire ball bonding machine
Bond placement repeatability: +/- 5.0um @ 3 sigma
These units came off production floor at Bosch. The units use an auto boat load transfer system. Bosch has found to be much more reliable than the magazine loaders.
You can download the complete spec sheet from here: http://www.pfiofflorida.com/manuals/8020summary.pdf
This machine has gone through a reconditioning by a trained K&S service professional, the process described below:
Machine is torn almost down completely
Pull and clean all pcbs and connectors
Clean power supply and check voltages to be in spec and correct.
Check bond head, clean wire clamp - check for frayed wires and replace if necessary.
Tear down bond head, replace wear parts, re-calibrate check bond signal.
Replace clutch que assembly on capilary, replace capilary.
If you have any questions please call Joe @