kla-tencor 2132 wafer inspection


Subject: kla-tencor 2132 wafer inspection
Used with KLA 2552 ( also available for sale) Deinstalled by KLA, Warehoused, barrier bagged.
The system was deinstalled in september 2002 and until that date was upgraded with various hardware and software upgrades.
Stored at the warehouse of SDI, Avezzano, Italy
Facilities: 120v 3 phase 25A per phase
The KLA 2132 is capable of inspecting at the following rates:
Sensitivity: 0.62 - Speed: 5 sec/cm2
Sensitivity: 0.39 - Speed: 15 sec/cm2
Sensitivity: 0.25 - Speed: 30 sec/cm2
wafer inspection module for 4, 5, 6 or 8 inch wafer size
Minimum inspectable feature size of 0.25 um in die to die mode
Defect Clustering and Auto Review Sampling
KLA SAT segmented auto threshold imaging processing hardware and software using mean and range functions on the KLA 2132 and KLA 2135 platforms that allows.
improved inspection performance on noisy surfaces like CMP and metal reduced inspection setup time enhanced threshold algorithm for all process levels
KLA ADC Automated Defect classification Package Includes image processing and analysis software for inspection station .The system has internally two computers: one is the system computer, which controls the machine in run mode; and the other is the ADC computer, which controls the machine in automatic review mode (you can also do manual review mode). The ADC Manager is not included.
For silicon wafers conforming to SEMI standard M1.1 Wafer diameter (mm): 100 100 125 150 200 Wafer thickness (?m): 525 625 625 675 725
Die to Die Mode Cell to Cell Mode
Sensitivity (?m) Speed (sec/cm?) Sensitivity (?m) Speed (sec/cm?) 0.60 05 0.50 1.5 0.40 15 0.30 05
Full performance specifications are available on request
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