kirby lester KL200 tablet counter w/ KL502 hopper


Subject: kirby lester KL200 tablet counter w/ KL502 hopper
- Fast, accurate counting without adjustments for different products
- Particle discrimination eliminates chips and fragments from the total count
- Only three counting errors in every 10,000 tablets or capsules
- Hopper capacity 20,000 tablets or capsules
To operate, fill the hopper with up to 20,000 tablets or capsules and enter the number of parts needed per container followed by the number of containers. Batches are delivered to final containers placed beneath the left and right exit.
Count Rate: Maximum 1,200 parts per minute for all products adjustable via the keyboard.
KL200 Drive: Vibrating 9" (23cm) diameter bowl feeder
Electrical: 115 Volts/60 Hz (220V and 50Hz available)
Hopper Capacity: 0.5 cu. ft. or 14,000 cu. cm
Machine Size: 16.9"H x 18"D x 11.38"W
Enclosure/Hopper/Exits: All Stainless steel construction
Weight: KL200, 55lbs/ 25kg; KL502, 47lbs/ 21kg
Particle DiscriminationĀ©: Omits fragments up to 20% of the tablet size from the total counted. This value can be changed by the operator.
Maximum size capsule: 0.86" (22mm long)
Maximum size tablet: 0.74" (19mm)