John deere model 975 reversable plow w/drag wheel


Subject: John deere model 975 reversable plow w/drag wheel
John Deere Model 975 Reversable Plow w/drag wheel
The moldboards are reversed laterally by a hydraulic cylinder that is standard equipment.
The advantages of this design over traditional two-way roll-over plows with two sets of bottoms are:Requires less 3-point hitch capacity.
Requires less ballasting of tractor front end.
Eliminates initial cost and service requirements for one complete set of standards and bottoms.
The reversing pin is positioned at a 13.5-degree angle, instead of being straight up, for even plowing in both directions. The reversing pin does not require adjustments by the operator.V-style mainframe is made of 6x4-in. welded tubular steel to handle the stress of tough plowing and reversing action as well as tight turns.Integral hitch gives unexcelled maneuverability in turns and when parking in tight areas. (Compatible with tractors equipped with Quik-Coupler.)Tractor rockshaft lever controls raising and lowering of plow (maximum plowing depth is 14-in.). All 975 Plows' width-of-cut can be set at 16- or 18-in. by moving the standards to different bolt holes in order to:Match tractor horsepower to soil conditions
Maximize fuel efficiency Underframe clearance is 32-in. to allow for excellent material flow through the plow.All 975 Plows come with a rear gauge wheel included in standard equipment.Controls plowing depth of the rear of the plow in rolling terrain.
Stabilizes rear of the plow in soft soils.
Adjustable through a full range of plowing depths.
Equipped with 6.70-15 tire to eliminate bulldozing in soft soils. If you have any further questions about this plow, give Al Gibson a call at .
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