John deere 750B crawler tractor/dozer:construction


Subject: John deere 750B crawler tractor/dozer:construction
* This is a 1988 model dozer
* Under carriage on this machine is approx. 80%. Pads are in good shape, chain seems to droop a little bit everything is in good condition
* 6 way blade in good shape and works well
* This is a hystat machine which is preferable
* The engine on this machine starts right up and runs great
* Has a John Deere engine which is very powerfull 120 HP
* This machine has a pushing capacity of 5 Cubic Yards
* Machine is a very nice size and would be great for clearing some serious land, very good for pushing trees and brush over, great size machine
* This is about a 30,000 lbs. machine, very nice size and great for pushing dirt
* John Deere dozers are one of the hottest tractors out there because they have built a name in the industry
* Remember "Nothing runs like a deere"
If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call at either or (cell) .
Thank you very much for viewing my item and I hope to do business with you, Seth Fenby.