John deere 2653A diesel golf turf reel mower


Subject: John deere 2653A diesel golf turf reel mower
2003 John Deere 2653A Professional Turf Reel Mower
26" 8 Blade Reels with 75% Useful Life Remaining
Front Spiral Grooved Rollers / Rear Smooth Rollers
Seat Good (No Tears or Damage) Minor Blemishes
No Engine Oil or Hydraulic Leaks
Tires have 75% Tread Remaining
High productivity and precision cutting.
Three 26-in. (66.0 cm) Extra Strength and Precision (E.S.P.) cutting units with mowing speeds of up to 5 mph (8.0 km/h).
Hydraulic driven cutting units for consistent cutting rpm's even in heavy growth conditions.
1050 rpm reel speed provides for high quality of cut at higher ground speeds.
High torque 18 horsepower (13.4 kW), 3 cylinder, liquid-cooled John Deere Series 220 diesel engine.
7.4 U.S. gallon (28.0 L) fuel tank for long mowing range.
Wide low profile turf tires provide excellent stability for superior performance in rugged conditions
Wide turf tires also provide low compaction.
Operator comfort, ease of operation and excellent maneuverability.
Adjustable high-back seat, power steering, and 2-pedal traction drive for operator comfort and productivity.
Single-lever lift, throttle, mow switch, and ignition switch are all conveniently located for ease of use.
Standard hydraulic weight transfer for traction assist.
Excellent visibility of front cutting units for superior trimming ability.
Forward-tilting hood provides maximum exposure to the engine.
Professional ball parks, training fields and stadiums.
College ball parks, practice fields and stadiums.
High school sports facilities.
Additional Information: Brookside Equipment Sales is the John Deere Golf & Turf Dealer for Southeast Texas. This unit has been operating on an area golf course and was returned to us at the end of a three year lease.
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