jena zeiss neophot 21 metalgraph microscope


Subject: jena zeiss neophot 21 metalgraph microscope
Aus Jena Neophot 21 Metallograph:
Neophot 21 large incident light metallograph.
Basic working table and electronics.
Halogen 12V 100W lamhouse with built-in power supply.
Large rotatable and centerable stage.
Binocular tube. Eyepieces PK 12.5X 16mm FOV.
Filter polarizer and analyzer.
Vertical illuminator – brightfield-darkfield.
Macro illuminator for low power magnification.
Carl Zeiss Neophot 21 microscope Zeiss Jena (post-war) metallurgical microscope, Neophot 21. A large and well equipped metallurgical microscope of the inverted type allowing various methods of epi-illumination by means of different condensers. A 5” x 4” camera, with a polaroid back, is built in, but a 35mm camera may also be used when attached to the appropriate port. lenses, (x6.3/0.12 and x12.5/0.25 planachromats and x25/0.65, x50/0.90 and x100/1.35 planapochromats) may be used either for dark or bright field applications, although the higher powers are neccesarily restricted in dark field applications because of their very short working distances. All of the objectives and eyepieces are by Carl Zeiss Jena. The objectives are of the infinity corrected type and the normal eyepieces have the appropriate compensation. Various stage plates are are different viewing screens. . The instrument has levelling anti-viration feet which sit on a desk which incorporates the power supply for the various lamps and drawers fitted with wooden inserts for housing the many accessories safely.
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