Item 1660 pad printer, imtran, rotary table


Subject: Item 1660 pad printer, imtran, rotary table
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Pad printer w/Camco 8-station (20") rotary table
Self-leveling doctor blade system
Horizontal plate stroke: 4,6,7 & 8 inches adjustable
Vertical pad stroke: rear & front - 5" adjust depth
One color-capable of being upgraded to open cup
Cycle speed: up to 2400 prints per hour
Control features: pad forward, pad back, pad up, pad down
Printer & rotary table mounted on sturdy 2" sq metal tubing
Air requirements: 4 to 6 CFM @ 60 to 80 psi
Overall dimensions: 5ftL x 5ftW x 5 1/2ftH
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