Inverter vfd afd ac drive 50HP ## relays+ full options


Subject: Inverter vfd afd ac drive 50HP ## relays+ full options
Westinghouse ACCUFLOW AC Motor Speed Control Variable Adjustable Frequency Inverter VFD AFD AC Drive 50hp at 460 volts With Motor Control Disconnect Switch, Fuses, and contactors Plus full options.
Note all the options listed below.
Note the triple size 3 contactors.
Includes wiring schematic booklet shown below.
Additional similar items may be listed separately or available on request.
Might be just what you need for your Variable Speed AC Drive or phase converter application.
Condition looks good. Just pulled out of a factory that was closed down. We will assure not DOA but it you hook it up wrong (like power to the outputs) it will ruin the unit and we will not refund.
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