Intertech m-1035 mass flow leak detector


Subject: Intertech m-1035 mass flow leak detector
Available here is a Intertech M-1035 Mass Flow Leak Detector. The following is from the InterTech Development Company Website.
"Mass Flow provides a quick and direct measurement of leakage independent of pressure and volume. InterTech has pioneered this technology by developing a patented transducer to test volumes from less than 1cc to over 10 liters with an an accuracy of 0.05 sccm**. This range of capabilities produces the most versatile leak detector in the industry".
This Mass Flow detector came from a large Philips Electronics manufacturing facility that was shut down. When I start it up it says on the screen "Initialize Hardware" and then says "Copyright 1992" and says "Philips Job # 2765 Vers. 3.1" and then it goes to the screen shown in the pictures. I don't have the knowledge or resources to test this further and so it will be sold AS-IS. If you have any questions you can either email me or you can call me at . Everything that is included is shown in the pictures.
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