Internet radio shoutcast servers make money


Subject: Internet radio shoutcast servers make money
Want your own STREAMING BUSINESS? Shout cast streaming!
We only sell 5 of these every year!
This is for the west coast! The closer you live to Ohio the better the price!
We made an extra $5,000 for the month of November 2006!
Have all financials to show you how easy it is to make money!
We setup your hosting and servers directly thru the dealer. You save $.
We will even redesign our web template to fit your needs.
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Ok how does this all work?
You own the business, you sell to any of the 5 million radio stations in the world! You make your own prices and deals when ever you want!
We will setup all your scripts and train you step by step to run this business! We even have scripts that self install the program for each of your clients!
The key to this is proven knowledge and scripts that work. You don't need any web experience to run this business anyone can learn this in a matter of weeks!
Worry about tech support! no problem! first 6 months is on us! We will do it all for you! After that keep our services for only $50.00 per server per month!
One server makes you up to $2,000 a month! Take out $250.00 for the server and $50.00 tech support! You made a profit of $1,700! We currently make this and more every month!
Now were wanting to help others succeed as we did!
Need web hosting for this business! Put it on the streaming server! Use the 160 gigs of space for your sites and services! Streaming only takes up 5 gigs on any server! That leaves you 155 gigs to sell on demand streaming, shell accounts and much more! Like I said we have full tech support for only $50.00 a month and a phone number you can call and talk live to a tech!
Yes you can sell gaming services too! If it streams you can sell it!
We are so confident that anyone can do this!
YOU MUST PUT 100% IN FOR THIS TO WORK. We make no guarantees who can make money at this! Were saying anyone can do this and make money if they follow the proven method we use.
Anytime you need help were just a phone call away!
Call for more info!
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