Internet business website sale valuable bargain --


Subject: Internet business website sale valuable bargain --
Is a unique enterprise, developed by old-timed and experienced Internet users to make surfing and browsing the Internet as easy and convenient as possible.
This site has a GREAT POTENTIAL. If operated and promoted (and due to personal reasons I am regretfully unable to do so), it can grow to be a leading and dominental internet site. I really have not yet publicized it but the couple of hundred surfers around the world that have seen and joined it were excited and impressed with it.
Go check out the site and ask any question you may have.
Who knows - maybe it's your destiny to be the next Internet Tycoon!
The site is held on a server that I pay $9.00 a month but of course you can transfer it to whom ever you want according to your wish and the sites needs.
Read futher to find out what this site is all about!
The ‘net', as we all know, is loaded with tons of information, applications, links, and games. Take Google, for an example – one of the top search engines. Today, Google holds over 8 billion Internet pages. And this number is only increasing!!!
We, the day-to-day regular ‘net' users, find ourselves confused and puzzled over this mass of information and possibilities.
And, as if this isn't enough, nearly all home page portals provide us with a variety of dozens (and some, even hundreds) of links. Interestingly enough, about 90%-95% of these link possibilities given to us are of no use to us at all!
They only add to the flood of information and to our confusion and frustration.
Some portals give the surfer a chance to ‘personalize' the home page, but this is usually very limited, and in some cases the surfer can only choose from a list specified functions or links. Furthermore – in many of these cases, the links we get to choose from are usually commercially related to the portal itself. gives the user an opportunity to design a REALLY PERSONAL home page.
On the personal magic home page the user will have ONLY, and I mean ONLY the links and application they want to have.
Anything they do not want (now, later, or a year from now) can be easily deleted. They add what they want, change what they want, edit or delete, whatever the user wants, – all at their own discretion and decision.
There is no doubt about it: this makes our lives on the ‘net' much more comfortable and easier. was designed with the user in mind – to be as surfer-friendly as possible and easy to use, even for the novice Internet user. To add applications to their personal magic home page , all they have to do is to drag the application/s they choose from their desktop and drop it into their personal magic home page.
The Personal Magic Home Page will revolutionize the way users use the internet!
The entire Website, domain and contents!!!