Internet based digital dictation system


Subject: Internet based digital dictation system
INTERNET DICTATION WORKSTATION This is a BRAND NEW DELL SERVER BASED Dialogic Port Digital Dictation System with built-in Internet capabilities and more than 500 hours of voice storage capacity on a WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL workstation platform. "Turnkey" digital dictation system that supports a maximum of 32 telephone line voice connections per system.This system allows the Drs. call-in control and can automatically send the files by Email to a specific transcriptionist or upload to FTP site or be done directly from the system.No user fee's for transcriptionists.Free transcription software available.This is a 4 port system that can be upgraded to 32 ports Compare at CALL AND TRY IT OUT FROM YOUR LOCATION!!! . THESE UNITS COME COMPLETE EXCEPT MONITOR ALL UNITS COME W/ 1 .WAV PEDAL .1 Year warranty