Intel strataflash wireless memory - #RD48F4040LVYTQ0


Subject: Intel strataflash wireless memory - #RD48F4040LVYTQ0
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INTEL StrataFlash Wireless Memory-2000 Pc. Factory Sealed Reel - Part #RD48F4040LVYTQ0
This lot consists of one 2,000 piece factory sealed reel of RD48F4040LVYTQ0 Intel Strata Flash Wireless Memory.
StrataFlash Wireless Memory provides a complete memory solution for wireless headsets that require code execution and large data storage.
New features in next-generation handsets are driving data adoption at a rapid page. The Intel StrataFlash® Wireless Memory System (LV18/LV30) meets this demand by delivering the combination of wireless performance and cost-effective, high-density data storage that these next-generation handsets require. As an extension of the L18/L30 family, the LV18/LV30 is a 1.8V Multi-Level Cell (MLC) device delivered on fourth-generation Intel® MLC technology and the 0.13 µm process lithography. The LV18/LV30 gives wireless developers a solution that provides both the performance needed for code execution with RAM and cost-effective, high-density data storage, all in a single device for a complete wireless memory system.
The LV18/LV30 delivers the three types of memory functionality that today's wireless developer requires: code execution, data storage, and RAM working space. The LV18/LV30 offers the same wireless performance for code execution as the L18/L30. With features like Read-While-Write/Erase Operation (RWW/E). 1.8V operation, and both burst- and page-read modes, the LV18/LV30 supports eXecute In Place (XIP) for a simplified design, longer battery life, and the most efficient use of RAM.
Suited for applications that require large embedded data storage, the LV18/LV30 includes a segment of MLC technlogy that is optimized for data storage. This very cost-effective data storage capability meets the increasing needs of next-generation handsets that require the storage of very large files.
Flexibility Across a Range of Densities
Cost-Effective, High-Density Sto rage
The LV18/LV30 delivers previously unseen values from Intel StrataFlash technology. All Intel StrataFlash Memory products, including the LV18/LV30, store two bits of information in each memory cell instead of just one, allowing twice the information to be stored in the same space, resulting in great value. And now, the data storage segment of the LV18/LV30 has been created to deliver an even more cost-effective solution for those handsets that require the storage of large embedded data.
Complete memory system solution combining code execution, data storage, and RAM capacity in a single package
Flexible solution with common pinout and software for easy upgrade path
1.8 Volt MLC device on 0.13 µm process lithography
Fourth-generation MLC architecture for highly reliable operation
Ideal for next-generation cellular/wireless handsets running on a battery
Fast code execution (54-MHz bus speed with zero wait-states)
Data Segment reads in asynchronous mode
Flexible multi-partition architecture
8-Mb partitions allow changing of code and data requirements
Higher data throughput for more data intensive cellular/wireless handset applications
Data segment is single partition
Intel® Multi-Level Cell (MLC) Technology
Fourth-generation technology with great value and proven reliability
Industry-leading, highest density NOR flash
Small packaging for wireless applications
Complete selection of Intel® Flash management software
Dramatically reduces the time-to-market for OEMs and is easily ported to OEM environments
Manages code execution and data maintenance in one device
Compatibility with future products
One-time programmable protection
Registers 64 bits programmed at the factory with a unique ID; 2K bits can be programmed by the OEM
Traceability, license control, and system authentication
This functionality is Code Segment only
Buffered Enhanced Factory Programming (Buffered EFP)
Buffered EFP speeds MLC Flash programming up to 80 percent for today's best rate-sensitive manufacturing environments
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