Instrument systems miniarray optical spectrometer MAS40


Subject: Instrument systems miniarray optical spectrometer MAS40
Instrument Systems MAS Mini-Array Spectrometer Analyzer
Instrument Systems Mini Array Optical Spectrometer/LED Test Station
The MAS 40 opens up the entire world of spectroradiometry, spectrophotometry, color analysis, and general light measurement for a limited budget. It is an excellent tool, particularly in quality assurance and production control, if you do not need high spectral resolution. Instrument Systems, using the appropriate accessories, offers complete turnkey measurement stations for such applications as LED analysis, diffuse and specular transmission/reflection measurements, and spectroradiometric analysis of light sources.
The MAS 40 Mini-Array Spectrometer forms the core of the LED Station. The MAS 40 is mounted on a stable base plate and the ILEDB luminous intensity adapter or the ISP75 integrating sphere is attached directly to the MAS 40 input port. The Mini-Goniophotometer has its own base plate and the MAS 40 is mounted on this plate when measuring the spatial radiation pattern.
Desktop or notebook. Just install the software, connect the USB cable and start your measurements right away.
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