Instron tinius olsen testing machine 20K# contler+frame


Subject: Instron tinius olsen testing machine 20K# contler+frame
Instron Tinius Olsen LoCap Universal Testing Machine 20 kip NO. 123800 Capacity 100000 N Control Rack 20K UTM-2 Tensile Tester NOW With Test Frame.
We have obtained the test frame we are pretty sure went with this controller and are now adding it to the listing. More images of the frame are below in the listing.
We are not completely sure what this was used for and we don't know what the link to Instron is other than the calibration or service sticker shown below. It looks like this is for controlling a strength-of-materials machine such as a tensile tester. We do have some Instron test frames that this might work with as the internal mechanism looks similar.
Click the following link for the factory website.
Tinius Olsen is the leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of static tension and-or compression materials testing machines.
The large dial gauge above is about 16" in diameter.
There is a nice looking Houston Instruments 2000 chart recorder.
It looks like this was last serviced in July of 2000 by an Instron service company.
There are 3 pages of instructions made by the last owner in 1991.
The images below show inside the cabinet from the back.
There are a few spare parts laying on the floor of the cabinet.
The chart above was found in back.
There is a removable shelf or table included as shown above. The table shown below is under the transparent cover.
Tinius Olsen Testing Machine NO. 123800 Capacity 100000 N
The following images are samples from the rather extensive binder of documentation we got with the unit
Estimated raw weight for this control rack assembly is 600 pounds.
The image below shows a closer view of the load cell.
The image below is the label on the loadcell shown above.
This included deflectometer is shown in the images of the manual above.
The maximum sample/jig width is about 21.5 inches.
The maximum vertical is about 62 inches minus about 11 inches of anvil.
Overall width of the test frame is about 41 inches with a front to back distance of about 39 and a vertical height of about 87.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your tensile or other materials testing application.
Condition looks good older used functional but we don't know what to do to test it. Note that this listing now includes a test frame as well as the controller rack assembly.
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