Instron 8500 load frame control tower/cpu with 3 cards


Subject: Instron 8500 load frame control tower/cpu with 3 cards
Instron 8500 Control Tower/CPU
For sale- an Instron 8500 Control Tower/CPU. This computer, together with an 8500 Series Control Panel and a 8500 FIB Frame Interface would be used to control an 8500 Series Instron Load Frame. This particular Tower is serial number 1748, equipped with one A712-244 MDC board, V 21.44, and two Sensor Conditioner boards, A712-189 V21.41 or 21.041, not exactly sure which. I will let you judge for yourself from the pictures.
My understanding is that Instron is no longer supporting the 8500 Series, so if you need a replacement or backup for a tower currently in service this would be an excellent opportunity. I have seen the individual boards going for $3K each, so this package deal offers a nice discount from that. I have some of the towers that only have one Sensor Conditioner board in them along with the MDC board, so if you only need a single Sensor Conditioner I would be willing to entertain a correspondingly lower offer.
Because I have more than one but no way to really test them (I do not have a matching load frame) I will allow a return for exchange within 30 days of receipt. That is to allow you plenty of time to check out the tower and boards and make sure they are functional. It is not designed to allow you to try out some experiment and then return it because it didn’t work out or you don’t need it any more. The return would be for replacement, not for a refund. Based on some testing with an 8500 controller I have no reason to expect a problem. The worst thing you can say about this particular tower is that one of the stabilizing feet on the base broke off, but I should be able to replace or repair it.
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