Instron 8500 fib load frame interface w/30 day warranty


Subject: Instron 8500 fib load frame interface w/30 day warranty
Instron Model 8500 FIB Frame Interface
Please check out my other listings for more Instron 8500 series related products, including a Control Panel. This particular FIB, serial number 1806, is in reasonably good physical condition although it is starting to show its age. I applied power using an AC cord that IS NOT included and… nothing happened. I have more than several of these things and I tried most of them with mostly the same results.
There are no indicator lights or LEDs on the internal boards to show it powering up, only the light in the power switch and on this one that did not come on. But it didn’t come on on many of the others I tried as well, and after 15 years of service it is quite likely the indicator bulb is simply burned out and not something you would replace as long as the thing was still functional. If there is a place on the unit that I can test for voltage I would be happy to do so, just tell me where to put the probes. Oddly enough, one of the few that the Power light did come on had “Bad Power Supply” or something to that effect written on top.