Infoseal 2612/2613 auto paper folder sealer


Subject: Infoseal 2612/2613 auto paper folder sealer
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*InfoSeal* Model 2612 Folder / Sealer and Model 2613 Sheet feeder
Condition: Fully tested and working perfectly!
Processes up to 11,000 documents per hour!!!
The INFOSEAL Model 2612 is a one-step self-contained tabletop folder/sealer for self-mailer forms. It accepts sheet-fed forms treated with water-activated glue, moistens them, fold them in a buckle-chute folder, and seals them. It is not for use with heat-sealed forms. For unglued forms or for standard paper folding, you can retract the water system and use the 2612 as a non-sealing folder.
Each form has dry glue along both sides and across the top. When the form is moistened and folded, the edges are glued together and the top is glued across the middle to keep it closed. The folded piece is then pressed to set the glue and placed in an output stack.
Includes Operator Manual and Setup Guide
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