Infocus 3500 lumens xga lcd projector - C445


Subject: Infocus 3500 lumens xga lcd projector - C445
The InFocus C445 LCD Projector everything you need, made better Crisp, clear pictures and bright, rich colors make for impressive images each and every time. Give your users the power to command an audience like never before with the In Focus C445.
This high-performance projector is loaded with the features your colleagues want most. What you’ll love is the rock-solid reliability and breathtaking images you can count on time after time. With the C445, your staff will present with power and confidence and you’ll sleep better at night.
True peace of mind designed specifically for large meeting rooms and auditoriums, the C445 offers all the features and connectivity you’ll ever need. The C445 includes RS232 and RJ45 connections, which enable seamless integration to your existing IT infrastructure, while the M1-DA and VESA connectors provide inputs for a variety of sources. Just the kinds of features you’d expect from the company that pioneered Systems- and Integration- class projectors.
More lumens for your bright ideas maybe you’re thinking that all this networking capability comes at the expense of brightness — hardly. We dislike sacrifice as much as you do! The C445 boasts 3,500 max ANSI lumens — bright enough to leave the lights-on, or the window shades open during presentations.
Upgraded LCD panels produce high contrast ratios and better color saturation to fully command an audience’s attention. In addition, the ultra-precise manual zoom, focus, and lens shift allow for the finest adjustability available.
Form, function and features the C445 features a new industrial design that’s as alluring as the images it projects. As a protective measure the lens has been recessed, and a bright, intuitive LED feedback panel is built-in to keep all users informed. Add it all up and you’ve got a projector that stands out from all the rest. Plus, with an affordable price point, the C445 has a feature even the accounting organization will enjoy.
3500 max ANSI lumens Brightness
1000:1 w/Active Iris Contrast Ratio
16.7 million Number of Colors
XGA 1024 x 768 Native Resolution
Top-mounted keypad for easy access to the standard projector adjustments you need
Business basic remote control
Audible start-up/power-down cues
Tie wraps to ensure easy stowaway of both the power and data cables
We are Digital Systems Media, LLC of Irvine California,
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