Inflatable church mobile chapel for marriage or revival


Subject: Inflatable church mobile chapel for marriage or revival
Inflatable Church brings whole new meaning to mobile weddings
The world's one and only inflatable church is here to allow couples to get married wherever their hearts desire. This fantastic air filled building is 47ft long by 25ft wide & 47ft high. The attention to detail is heavenly complete with plastic "stained glass" windows and airbrush artwork which replicates the traditional church. Inside it has an inflatable organ, altar, pulpit, pews, candles and a gold cross. Even the doors are flanked by air-filled angels. The church can be built by three people in three hours and disassembled in less than two.
Why not surprise your partner by renewing your vows if you're already married. Get engaged in the day and have your reception in the evening. Now we can bring the church to the bride rather than the other way around. It can be set up anywhere, from your garden to Malibu beach, it's up to you. No problem with "high heels" our church has a hard floor. But please NO SMOKING !!
This structure holds 60 people sitting and 70 people standing.
Delivery takes approximately 6-8 weeks.
Completed structure in two sections
All ancillary equipment, including blowers, tie downs, etc
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The inflatable church makes an excellent temporary chapel to use while your building is under renovation or in the process of being built.
Great addition to revivals and perfect for baptisms.
An outstanding way to bring your church to your congregation.
The inflatable church is excellent rental property.
The entire structure can be put together in three hours with three people and torn down in two.
Daily rental for an eight hour period is $3,300. This building pays for itself in 10 rentals.
Franchising is also available.
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