Ineco basic - rotary draw tubing / pipe bender


Subject: Ineco basic - rotary draw tubing / pipe bender
180 degree Single-Shot Electric Rotary Draw Tubing Bender by Ineco.
The Ineco Basic rotary draw bender features portability, quick change tooling and user friendly programming for bending round and square tubing bends or special shapes and profiles. Bend angles are digitally programed and monitored with the solid state touch pad controller and inverter drive. This compact unit boasts the same 2" capacity as the Ineco QB50, with bend radii of 3/8" to 8-3/4". Six speed settings bend 90 degrees in as little as 4.5 seconds.
* 2" CAPACITY 2" - .120wt. mild steel or 1.5" schedule 40 pipe
* ELECTRONIC CONTROL Bend angle and zero position are programmable and monitored by a micro processor
* OVERLOAD PROTECTION Provided by electronic inverter drive
* QUICK CHANGE TOOLS Die sets drop on to specially shaped former post in seconds
* LOW MAINTAINANCE Sealed planetary drive unit means no mess and no regular upkeep required
* AFFORDABLE At the introductory price of $9400.00. Lease for as low as $199.00 mo.
* SAME CAPACITIES as the QB50 with less computerization
Dies are sold seperately. Email us to receive a link to our selection of dies!
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